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Why Only A Professional?

As a homeowner you should always use a professional pest manager when dealing with a termite problem. We recommend that you should not attempt to treat the problem yourself because:

  • Termites have the potential to damage your home significantly and thus a trained professional is needed to address the issues.
  • Termite management requires training on how to detect and locate termites.
  • A thorough inspection is one of the most important aspects of termite management. Your professional pest manager is trained and experienced in inspection and detection techniques.
  • Termite control professionals understand the important aspects of building construction and how it relates to the planning and implementation of a successful termite management program.
  • Termite control professionals are trained to correctly interpret inspection results and understand how they relate to selecting appropriate control methods.
  • Termite control professionals are trained to service the specialized systems that are available for termite management; in particular those professionals who have undertaken the Nemesis accreditation course can show you how the Nemesis System can detect colonies and eliminate them from your home.